• 1The Dreams In The Witch House&Other Stories , Lovecraft H.P. (2005)
    One of the masters of'weird fiction', H. P. Lovecraft expanded the vast boundaries of the horror genre with his vividly imagined stories of exotic and fantastical otherworlds, nightmarish dreamscapes… 1356 руб

  • 2Inside China , Cartier-Bresson Henri (2007)
    Exotic China has always attracted great photographers, and its history has yielded unforgettable scenes. Inside China unveils fascinating archival images rarely made public: Luminaries Henri… 3826 руб

  • 3The Reckoning , Robert W. Chambers (1905)
    1905. Chambers, American artist and writer, later turned to writing romantic fiction to earn a living. According to some estimates, Chambers had oneof the most successful literary careers of his… 1778 руб

  • 4Sketching the Countryside: How to Draw the Vanishing Rural Landscape , Lohan Frank J. (2010)
    Both experienced and aspiring artists can benefit from this practical guide, which shows how to portray rustic settings from rural England to the American Southwest. Recalling the style of Eric… 1612 руб

  • 5White Heron and Other Stories , Jewett Sarah Orne (1999)
    A celebration of the past in stories dealing with female friendships and tales that portray the resilience with which her female characters respond to poverty. Includes The Town Poor, Miss Peck's… 317 руб

  • 6The Digital Eye: Photographic Art in the Electronic Age , Wolf Sylvia (2010)
    The rise of digital photography is perhaps the most manifest legacy of the digital revolution in art. Through the use of sophisticated software and scanners, artists are able to enhance photographs… 2244 руб

  • 7The American Dog at Home: The Dog Portraits of Christine Merrill , Secord William (2010)
    Whether highly bred canines or loveable mixed breeds, America has fallen in love with the dog, and who better than Christine Merrill, America's premier pet portraitist, to chronicle this long term… 3397 руб

  • 8This is Pollock , Ingram Catherine (2014)
    In 1956 Time magazine referred to Pollock as'Jack the Dripper'. His iconic paintings stretch out with the generosity and scale of the landscape of America's West where the artist grew up. Pollock… 998 руб

  • 9Max Penson: Photographer of the Uzbek Avant-Garde 1920s-1940s , Galeyev Ildar, Penson Miron (2011)
    From 1924 the Russian photojournalist Max Penson (1893 - 1959) travelled through his adoptive homeland of Uzbekistan as a reporter. His photographs offer insight into a time when the country was… 6713 руб

  • 10Unrecounted , W. G. Sebald (2007)
    Unrecounted combines thirty-three of what W. G. Sebald called his "micropoems" miniatures as unclassifiable as all of his works with thirty-three exquisitely exact lithographs by one of his oldest… 1889 руб